TOUGHMAN Washington State

TOUGHMAN Washington State

June 3, 2017
North Bay Park, Ocean Shores
Albatross Ave SW
Ocean Shores, WA 98569

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All of the day’s races start and finish at North Bay Park, the city’s largest park and a popular local spot for outdoor recreation ranging from sports on land like tennis and basketball to lots of water sports, as the park lies along the northern edge of Ocean Shores’ Duck Lake. From the park, those running the half marathon will follow an out-and-back loop course in a counter-clockwise direction around the peninsula.

Runners will get to see plenty of the scenery for which Ocean Shores is known along the half marathon route, which crosses bridges and takes runners out for a roughly mile-and-a-half stretch along the beach in the race’s first few miles. After heading back onto the roadway, runners then head down to the peninsula’s southern end, where they make their way around the edges of the Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area along the shore, and then head north along the shoreline of North Bay before making their way back to the finish line at North Bay Park.

Triathletes share the same run course, swim in Duck Lake and are presented with a bike ride along scenic roads with the occasional deer on the side of the roads, as well as views of the ocean. With the exception of some very minor changes in elevation in the first few miles of the race, both the triathlon and run events are on mostly flat terrain, especially in the second half of the race, which is nearly all flat.

If you’re looking to have a great weekend that caters to both activities for athletes as well as fun filled opportunities for families and their kids, then the Ocean Shores Big Weekend Tri & Foot Fest is sure to provide an amazing experience.

All Events will start and finish at North Bay Park in Ocean Shores WA. The address for North Bay Park is: Albatross St NE, Ocean Shores, WA, 98569. North Bay Park is Ocean Shores’ largest park. Situated on the north end of Duck Lake, only a short distance from the downtown business district, and just west of the airport.

For event registration fees please visit our registration provider by clicking on the “Register Now”. Athletes can register late during Packet Pick-Up times and on RACE DAY mornings at 6:00am with a $10.00 increase to price. Registration fees and a list of participants can be found by clicking on the “Register Now” button below. To get a list of all participants when you get there and select “Search Participants”, just leave the search box blank.

Saturday July 11th, 2015: Early Packet Pickup Day:
1:00 pm: Packet Pick-Up & Late Registration opens at the Ocean Shores Convention Center. The Ocean Shores Convention Center can be found at 120 W Chance a La Mer NW, Ocean Shores, WA 98569
6:00 pm: Packet Pick Up Closes for the day.

Sunday July 12th, 2015: Race Day 5:45 am: Packet Pick-Up & Late Registration: opens at North Bay Park.
6:00 am: Transition Area Opens to all distances.
6:50 am: Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting for 1/2 Iron Triathlon.
7:00 am: 1/2 Iron Triathlon & Half Iron Aquabike Starts.
7:15 am: Transition Area Closes to all distances.
7:20 am: Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting for 1/2 Iron & Olympic Duathlon.
7:30 am: 1/2 Iron & Olympic Duathlon Starts.
7:35 am: Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting for Olympic Triathlon.
7:45 am: Olympic Triathlon and Olympic Aquabike Starts.
8:05 am: Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting for Sprint Triathlon
8:15 am: Sprint Triathlon Starts.
8:40 am: Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting for Half Marathon.
8:45 am: Half Marathon Starts.
9:00 am: Post Race Food Open! Bon Appetite!
9:00 am: Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting for 10k Run.
9:05 am: 10k Run Starts.
9:15 am: Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting for 5k Run
9:20 am: 5k Run Starts.
10:00 am: Sprint Triathlon Awards Ceremony.
10:15 am: 5k Run Awards Ceremony.
10:30 am: Olympic Triathlon Awards Ceremony.
10:45 am: 10k Run Awards Ceremony.
11:30 am: Half Marathon Awards Ceremony.
12:30 pm: 1/2 Iron Triathlon & Duathlon Awards Ceremony.
3:30 pm: Finish Line Closes for Multisport Day.
3:30 pm: Post Race Food Closes!

All swim waves will be self select and will start in 3 to 5 minutes increments based on how many participants are in each category. By self select we mean that you decide what wave you want to go in. The system is designed to let the competitive swimmers go first, then the not so competitive swimmers. It provides a safe environment where nobody has to get swam over like some events have happen a lot. It works great, and allows both men and women that are faster swimmers to compete against each other.

Triathlon Cut Off Times: Cut Off Time for the 1/2 Iron and all other events is: 3:30 pm. Runners should be starting their run back from the half way mark for the 1/2 iron at 1:45 pm or will be required to withdraw from the race. Total time to finish is 8 1/2 hours. Athletes wishing to finish after these times will be required to do so without their bib number on and without the support of the race. The duathlon is a run, bike and then run. The start of the run will be at the same time as swim for the equal length triathlon. Duathlon runners will do a mass start right outside the transition area to avoid crossing paths with the full triathlon athletes.

Run Event Cut Off Times: Cut Off Time for the 1/2 Marathon, and all other running events is 12:00 pm.

Please review the above event schedule for specific packet pickup times and locations. All participants can also pick up their packets on both days of race morning at the specified times in the weekend schedule. Packet pickup will be located at the Ocean Shores Convention Center. The Ocean Shores Convention Center can be found at 120 W Chance a La Mer NW, Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Sunday July 12th Check in for all the activities will be at: North Bay Park.

Last year we allowed parking at Albatross Ave SW right by North Bay Park. Please note that parking will not be allowed this year on Albatross Ave SW. There is plenty of other legal parking on the side of the roads in the surrounding neighborhoods. There may also be parking this year on the baseball fields just due east North Bay Park for a nominal fee of $2. The $2 would go to the city to help maintain the park and other areas. However this is not 100% confirmed, so parking may be free as well.

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