Course Map

Swim Course - 1.2 Miles

The swim is an elongated rectangle that parallels the shoreline, in a counter-clockwise direction. The swim will occur in Lake Welch (NO CURRENT) a magnificent fresh water lake with a beautiful beach front. Wetsuits are allowed. The swim is a wave start keeping all swim buoys to your left. After the swim, exit the water into the transition zone. Each swim wave will adhere to a 1hr 10 minute time limit.
*same for aquabike

Bike Course - 56.0 Miles

The ALL NEW bike course will be 2 loops all contained WITHIN the park (map) with comparable elevation to the bike course we have been doing on Rte 9/9a for the last 4 years.
There will be 2 BOTTLE Exchanges with popup bottles of water and popup bottles of electrolyte fluid replacement.
*same for Aquabike

Turn by Turn:
Exit Lake Welch Parking lot, Left turn onto Lake Welch Pkway
Bear Rt onto 7 Lakes Drive (NE)
Pass Tiorati Brook rd- continue on 7 Lake Dr until Palisades Pkway
180 turn- head SW on 7 Lakes Dr
Pass Lake Welch Pkway
180 turn at Rte 17- head NE
Second loop bear Rt into Lake Welch parking lot

Run Course - 13.1 Miles

The run course has a net elevation gain on the way out, which means a nice elevation loss for the return. So practice that leg turnover.
*Aquabike finishers run 100 yards through finish shoot and be awarded your metal.

Turn by Turn
Head out of Lake Welch Parking lot- Bear RT onto Lake Welch Pkway
Run Down Hill- 1/4m and 180 turn
Run Down Hill to 7 lake drive 180 turn back up hill
Run back into Lake Welch Parking Lot
Run In Front of Promenade
Bear Left out of parking lot onto access rd Left onto 106 (200 yrds)
Rt onto St John St
180 turn and head back the same way you came out Finish Area under Admin building area

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