TOUGHMAN Chile Quillon

TOUGHMAN Chile Quillon

TOUGHMAN Chile Quillon

November 4, 2018
Quillon, Chile

Toughman Half $140.000 ( CHP)
1/4 Ironman $60.000 ( CHP)

General Information

All athletes who reach the finish line completing their entire course will have a finisher medal

The first 3 of each category, in the 2 longest distances of the adult competition, in each gender, will be entitled to their award medals in the final ceremony.

The first 3 of the greatest distance in competition, of each genre of the General classification will be present at the award ceremony with the right to their trophies, bouquets and wreaths. They will have prizes given by the sponsors. This award is with wreaths of flowers and champagne.

1. At the moment of registering and canceling the registration the athlete declares to be satisfied and in knowledge of the rules and regulations of the competition and is committed to compliance with them. Athletes of all categories will make their registration and payment via our website

2. The change to another participant has a value of $15

3.- Only the athletes that appear OK, in the official list of the competition will be accredited to compete

4.- The values ​​will be differentiated by sections or number of athletes per section, which will be published on the web. The organization can vary sections and values ​​according to their needs.

5.- In case of refusal to participate of an athlete. This will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the canceled value paid to another future participation, provided that notice at least 5 business days prior to the event.

6.- Athletes will have a period of 4.0 hours to enter T2. From that time they will be diverted to T2 to continue the race without qualification.

8.- The organization can make changes in the bases, which must be informed in the technical talk, prior to the departure of each competition.

9. Because it is a date for the 2017 circuit, the age at December 31, 2017 must be considered. The categories are those indicated on the event page

10. The organization is not responsible for the belongings of the athletes.

11. The production is not responsible for accidents before, during or after the event, however, it will be counted in the test with a paramedic and an ambulance equipped for first aid.

12. Career assistance service is provided free of charge up to primary care in case of accidents and the respective emergency transfer to a hospital center.

13. Each athlete must preferably have their medical insurance prior to the competition.

14. There will be only 240 places in total

15. The technical control of the race will be in charge of the designated Judges, and the application of its regulations will be demanded, that the athletes must know.

16. The judges will take control of the test, handing over to the judge of Stop and Go the athletes sanctioned in each stage of the competition.

17. The Stop and Go judge must put on a visible blackboard the number of athletes sanctioned in the previous stages.

18. It will be the responsibility of each athlete to stop and fulfill his penalty in the indicated place in any turn of the pedestrian stage, at the option of the athlete.

19. All athletes sanctioned will have the right to make their corresponding discharges or make claims on third parties.

20. In order to have access to disclaimers or claims, they must submit it in writing and cancel USD30 in the case of tests with the right to cash prizes no later than 20 minutes after the end of the test.

21. The commission of judges will take charge of the claims and will answer as soon as possible depending on the background of the case.

22. A maximum term of 10 working days is defined to pronounce for each case.

24. All lack of education, profanity, insults and insults of any tenor among athletes, the public or any member of the organization, will be grounds for disqualification of the runner of the race, without any right to award.

25. Each disqualified runner of a competition will be passed to the disciplinary committee to study major sanctions, if the case warrants it. You will be disqualified from participating in the following competition and will not be entitled to cash prizes in your next participation.

26. The technical talk is mandatory and your attendance will be controlled. Who does not attend will not have any right to claim or observation of any kind before, during and after the competition.

1.- The use of the swimming cap delivered by the organization is mandatory.

2.- The use of a water suit will be indicated by the organization the day before the competition, depending on the water temperature according to the norm.

3.- The swimmers must make the circuit according to what the judge indicated before the game.

4.- Any external help will be grounds for disqualification

5.- The use of fins, paddles, snorkel or any floating element is not allowed.

6.- When arriving at T1, all the swimming implements must be inside the basket of the closed park assigned to each athlete.

7.- The maximum swimming time is 60 minutes. From that time they will be taken to shore and may continue the competition without the right to award.

1. Drafting is not allowed in competitions where there is long distance

2. Helmet, t-shirts and shoes must be worn throughout the cycling circuit.

3. The helmet must be fastened before removing the bicycle from its position in the cycling park.

4. When entering T2 of the cycling stage The helmet can only be unfastened once the bicycle is placed in the cycling park.

5. There will be a zone of wheel stop, in case of change of wheels. You can only reach and access it in the direction of cycling circuit rotation. Unless the athlete punches or needs to change wheels less than 100 meters past the wheel stop. In that case you can stop and return outside the cycling circuit to make your wheel change.

6. Athletes should not make any progress without their bicycle. If the bicycle breaks down, the athlete may continue with the cycling or running stage while pushing or carrying the bicycle, provided that this action does not obstruct or impede the progress of other athletes.

7. Athletes must have the number on the bicycle helmet on the front; (Sanction of time to stop and continue).

8. It is forbidden to use headphones or headphones during the Race; (Sanction of time to stop and continue, DSQ if it is not solved immediately).

1.- The bib number must always be visible on the front of the athlete.

2.- There will be a supply stand with isotonic and water every 2500 meters maximum.

3.- Once reached the goal, each athlete has a maximum period of 30 minutes to get his bike out of the closed cycle park.

4.- Athletes can run, walk or crawl by their own means during the pedestrian stage.

5.- It is the responsibility of each athlete to know the circuit, count his turns and fully tour the circuit indicated in the technical talk prior to the event.

6.- It is forbidden to perform the pedestrian stage with the torso discovered

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